Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Goblet of Fire Books

Check out these three excellent books!

Our teacher winner is Ms. Kirkman who gave the book Steelheart 5 stars. Imagine if super heroes were bad. What would the world be like? Steelheart is a vicious super who rules Chicago and killed David’s father. David has dedicated his life to taking Steelheart down!

This student read the book Unwind and gave it 5 stars. In this story, as soon as you turn 13 years old your parents can unwind you. It means all your body parts, organs, etc. would be given to another person that needs them. A group of kids run away from being unwound. You’ll have to read the book to see what happens to them!

She read Red Queen. This 5 star book is about a world that is split between two types of humans. Humans with red blood, who are normal, and humans with silver blood, who are special for their power. When a poor red-blooded girl somehow has powers, she is forced by the King to leave her home and pretend she is a silver princess that was lost at war. When she sneaks home, she finds out something about her brother’s death that sets her on the path of revenge.